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Saint-Nazaire’s Seafront

It has been said in the past that Saint-Nazaire deliberately turned its back to the sea. However, since the last years of the 20th century, a very important regeneration programme, “Ville Port”, has succeeded in taking Saint-Nazaire back to its maritime roots. The seaside city offers a redesigned 2-mile seafront promenade with walking- and biking-friendly amenities, outdoor activities and enchanting ocean views.

Saint-Nazaire's Seafront Promenade

A city by the sea

Since the mid-2000s, Saint-Nazaire has once more become the seaside resort that it used to be. From the 19th century to World War II, its beaches were very popular. Today, the seafront has regained all of its former appeal thanks to new facilities and developments, especially on boulevard Wilson, boulevard Albert 1er and Place du Commando. Pathways have been redesigned and widened for pedestrians and cyclists, new greenery has been planted, and the low walls that bordered the seafront have been replaced with unobtrusive railings to make the most of ocean views.

The promenade is a fantastic spot for strolling, cycling, rollerblading or simply enjoying the sunshine on one of the extra-long wooden benches. If you have children, you might have to negotiate before starting the walk: the kids will certainly want to try out immediately the superb play area made of driftwood and rope on the beach located next to the Harbour Master’s Office.

A bit further on, at the other end of the curved shoreline, two contemporary cafés are much appreciated as soon as the sun is out. They allow for perfect lazing, watching people strolling by or getting a good look at the typical fishing huts that dot the coastline.

What to see on the seafront

The seafront promenade is like one long balcony overlooking the waves, an ideal place for strolling and enjoying the view, day or night. You can lose track of time staring at the horizon, watching the lighthouses, fishing huts and birds in flight, or you can get sociable in the bars on Place du Commando town square.

Our Top Picks For Waterfront Restaurants

Naturally, the fresh sea air can work up an appetite and there’s nothing better than finding a lovely spot to settle down for something tasty. In Saint-Nazaire, not only do we have countless eateries and restaurants, many of them come with the bonus of a sea view. As we say in France, bon appétit !