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Events, shows, original outings and surprises await you across the year and right across our area. From Saint-Nazaire to the Brière Marshes, find out about our major events and the latest news of what’s on, so that you can take full advantage of your stay or break!


Nuit des Musées

La Nuit Européenne des Musées involves the opening, for one exceptional night, and often for free, of a variety of museums around Europe, encouraging new members of the public, notably families with young children, to venture into such museums.

Every year in May, at the Écomusée de Saint-Nazaire.

Grande Marée

This is our great gathering to celebrate the arrival of summer, on Saint-Nazaire’s eastern beach and seafront, involving giant picnics, shows, a circus, music and theatre… all told, it provides a very merry evening for all the family.

Every year, 1st Saturday in June, on the central Plage de Saint-Nazaire.

Festival Bouge

Bouge is THE hip-hop festival on France’s Atlantic coast!

Every year, late June, Quartier Méan Penhoët, in Saint-Nazaire.

Saint-Nazaire Côté Plages

Saint-Nazaire Côté Plages encourages you to enjoy summer to the full by proposing many playful, sporting and cultural shows, festive and leisure events, and outdoor spectacles on the central Plage de Saint-Nazaire or in the Saint-Marc Quarter. Take your pick. There are events to suit a whole range of tastes and ages!

Every year in July and August

Farniente Festival

The joyous, artistic, musical Farniente Festival can be wild, violent, sensuous even… this is a festival that allows uncompromising musicians to play in an extraordinary setting – the Plage de Monsieur Hulot, to the west of Saint-Nazaire.

Every year, in July, Plage de Monsieur Hulot, at Saint-Marc-sur-Mer

Festival de la Vannerie

Basket weavers from across France gather to show off their wares, made from wicker and alder buckthorn, alongside our local basket weavers, known for producing the Brière Mayun baskets.

Every year, in July, at La Chapelle des Marais (in the Brière)

Festival Les Escales

Les Escales is an urban festival that takes place in the centre of Saint-Nazaire, on the Île du Petit Maroc and at the port. It occurs at the height of summer, beside the Atlantic, offering an eclectic programme focused mainly on contemporary music, including pop, rock, soul, world music and electronic music, featuring major headliners as well as new and upcoming musicians.

Every year, in July, in Saint-Nazaire.

Fête des Chalands Fleuris

La Fête des Chalands Fleuris is quite unique, bringing together associations that preserve traditional local heritage – in the form of the flat-bottomed punts of the Brière Marshes. Highlight of the day is the Scénoparade, the punts decorated with thousands of wild flowers.

Every year, in August, at Saint-André-des-Eaux