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Tickets Attractions and tours in Saint-Nazaire and the Brière

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Attractions in Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire offers unique experiences which make every visit memorable. How about discovering the great adventure of ocean liners at Escal’Atlantic, coming aboard Espadon, the first French submarine to dive under the ice field, travelling through the history of Saint-Nazaire at the Écomusée, or visiting the only French visitor centre dedicated to offshore wind energy?

Industrial Tours in Saint-Nazaire

Exploring Saint-Nazaire means experiencing unique emotions. Come and connect with Saint-Nazaire’s industrial heritage! The Airbus workshops, the construction of legendary ocean liners or the giant harbour facilities will no longer hold any secrets for you… Are you ready to let yourself be surprised?

Discovery cruises An unexpected journey between the estuary and the ocean

There’s nothing like a seaview – or indeed a view from the sea. Here, you can take a boat trip along the coast and see the town from a new angle. For an hour or two, gaze at the coastline, beaches, cliffs, shipyard and quays across the water. From afternoon light to magical sunset, boat trips showcase all that’s stunning in Saint-Nazaire.

City Tours in Saint-Nazaire

Across the year, visitors can enjoy a variety of tours at Saint-Nazaire. Learn about all our enticing guided tours, including summer tours and novel outings around our destination, Stunning Saint-Nazaire.