Base sous-marine de Saint-NazaireA saint-nazaire la base sous marine fait partie du patrimoine à visite en famille.
©Vincent Bauza

Discover Our Heritage

Born between the Loire Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean, Saint-Nazaire grew at a staggering rate of knots. Learn how the place had in fact to be reborn in the course of its first century – this section reveals much about the extraordinary episodes that turned Saint-Nazaire into an archetypal 20th-century French town. Delving into the port’s history greatly helps understand its heritage…

Saint-Nazaire's Modern Heritage

The town of Saint-Nazaire was awarded the prestigious title ‘Town of Art and History’, a title highlighting the unique history and heritage of the city. In Saint-Nazaire, heritage comes in many layers: urban and maritime, industrial and military, spectacular or personal. Come along and discover the city’s many cultural and architectural treasures through our guided tours or on your own.

Explore Saint-Nazaire from a different angle

Saint-Nazaire offers a selection box of delights, including the sea, the port, the city and nature.