Saint‑Nazaire and its beaches

At Saint-Nazaire, if you ask locals the way to the beach, they’ll invariably reply: “Which one?” This is, after all, a town boasting 20 beaches!
As a family or with friends, discover a remarkably unspoilt, thoughtfully laid-out coastal stretch.


A town

boasting 20 beaches

Here, enjoy the generous skies, sun and sea…

The people of Saint-Nazaire long kept it a secret that their stretch of coast, several kilometres in length, concealed so many enchanting beaches and coves. Today, we boast that the destination Saint-Nazaire has 20 beaches and coves, two designated Handiplage (with facilities for the handicapped), six provided with lifeguards in summer, and one a star in a famous French film, Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot. Plus, three of our beaches have gained Blue Flag status.

  • Do you have lively little ones? Young and old alike will love the beach games made from driftwood on Saint-Nazaire’s central beach, featuring wooden castles, bridges and diggers, as well as swings. This is an adventure playground where children can run about barefoot in the sand!
  • Do you have older children into skimboarding and windsurfing? Then head for La Courance or Saint-Nazaire’s main central beach, with Le Skate Park water sports centre.
  • Are you looking for tranquillity? Seek out the little coves around Port Charlotte or at La Petite Vallée for peace and quiet.
  • Looking to relax after a hard day’s work? Some of our beaches are practically in the heart of town: the Plage de Saint-Nazaire, in front of Place du Commando; the Plage de Villès-Martin, with its bus stop, plus a bar offering snacks (April to September); or, to the west, there’s Saint-Marc-sur-Mer’s large beach, with bars and restaurants, plus memories of comic character Monsieur Hulot.
  • Intrigued by our pêcheries, the fishing huts hanging over the Loire Estuary? Head to the little port of Trébézy or to Sautron to see them close up.
  • Or, if you simply wish to admire a magnificent sunset… try any of Saint-Nazaire’s many beaches!

So, in your view, which is your favourite Saint-Nazaire beach?

A no-smoking area on the central Plage de Saint-Nazaire

  • The town of Saint-Nazaire has signed a partnership agreement with the French Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer, making the commitment to put in place a no-smoking area around the driftwood playground and around the edges of the central Plage de Saint-Nazaire.
  • Following on from this trial, which began on 26 June 2019, and is set to last one year, the Ville de Saint-Nazaire will consider renewing the initiative and perhaps extending it to other areas.
6 beaches

overseen by lifeguards in summer

SWIM with peace of mind

Every summer, the town of Saint-Nazaire ensures that lifeguards are on duty on the six most popular beaches in its area, namely:

  1. the Plage de Saint-Nazaire
  2. the Plage de Villès-Martin
  3. the Plage de Porcé
  4. the Plage de la Courance (Saint-Marc-sur-Mer)
  5. the Plage de Monsieur Hulot (Saint-Marc-sur-Mer)
  6. the Plage des Jaunais (Saint-Marc-sur-Mer)

Our lifeguards, 40 in total, patrol the relevant beaches every day of the week from late June to the very end of August, meaning everyone can feel secure bathing in these places. You can easily identify our lifeguards by their bright red and yellow outfits.

  • The beaches of Villès, Porcé, La Courance, Monsieur Hulot and Les Jaunais typically have lifeguards on duty from 11:30am to 7pm on weekdays and from 11am to 7pm at weekends. (Please note that, depending on tidal variations, these times can vary as regards the beaches of Villès-Martin and Porcé.)
  • The central Plage de Saint-Nazaire typically has lifeguards on duty every single day in season, from 10am to 8pm (although times can vary according to tidal variations).
Raise the Blue Flag

on our beaches

3 Blue Flag beaches!

Three Saint-Nazaire beaches have met the very strict criteria necessary to be awarded this prestigious eco-label. The quality of the bathing water, local waste and waste-water treatment, the provision of lifeguards … dozens of tests, mainly concerning environmental issues, have to be passed for a beach to be permitted to fly the Blue Flag during the summer season.

So, don’t hesitate to come and spread out your towels at Saint-Nazaire on one of our three Blue Flag beaches:

  • the Plage de la Courance
  • the Plage de Monsieur Hulot
  • the Plage des Jaunais

for all

2 beaches offering greater accessibility

Two of our beaches benefit from installations and bathing equipment specifically designed for people with reduced mobility (PRMs), including via the provision of appropriately smooth paths and wheelchairs specifically adapted to bathing.

This enhanced accessibility is available during the summer period at the same time as when lifeguards are in place, and concerns:

To reserve usage of these facilities, contact directly the relevant lifeguard posts.

These two beaches are respectively classified “two rubber rings” and “three rubber rings” by the association Handiplage (the maximum award being “four rubber rings”).

Silence please,

we're sunbathing!

Our star beach: the Plage de Monsieur Hulot!

If you think you’ve seen the main beach at Saint-Marc somewhere before, with its distinctive jetty, group of rocks and its Hôtel de la Plage, don’t be surprised. Here, you’re in the place where the classic French comedy movie, Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, was filmed. Director Jacques Tati, seeking a fine natural setting, chose Saint-Marc-sur-Mer for its family atmosphere and its magnificent beach.

The film was shot back in 1951… but the comic hero of the movie is still on-set… thanks to a bronze statue by sculptor Emmanuel Debarre! So Monsieur Hulot continues to watch over his beach, which has been very officially renamed the Plage de Monsieur Hulot!

After the film came the book! This work, entitled “Et Tati créa Monsieur Hulot”, offers nostalgic holiday memories… an idea for a present perhaps, on sale in the shop at Escal’Atlantic, located in the transformed submarine base on Boulevard de la Légion d’Honneur.

The place

to be

Since summer 2018, a new seafront space has opened, encouraging relaxation and conviviality, with picnic tables under umbrella pines, stepped seating looking out to the ocean, even deckchairs on the beach… all creating friendly, welcoming spots around Place du Commando, in central Saint-Nazaire!