©Illustrateur René Bouvard. Collection Saint-Nazaire Agglomération Tourisme-Écomusée. Cliché Jean-Claude Lemée

Saint-Nazaire Heritage Season

With our Saison Patrimoine, we promise to bring you closer to Saint-Nazaire’s past, but also to the port today, sampling its daily life and varied quarters. Our Saison Patrimoine allows you to experience and share emotions not only with friends and family, but also with local people and other visitors. Whatever the season, immerse yourself in Saint-Nazaire’s heritage – no prior knowledge necessary, just enthusiasm!

Discover our Heritage Season

From March to December, we encourage you to make the most of its Saison Patrimoine via numerous events, such as conferences, readings, writing events, guided and discovery tours, novel outings, cruises, urban walks, sound projects, theatre and other shows in French… so come and explore Saint-Nazaire’s rich heritage. Download the brochure in French.

Discover the must-see attractions

Saint-Nazaire offers unique experiences which make every visit memorable. How about discovering the great adventure of ocean liners at Escal’Atlantic, coming aboard Espadon, the first French submarine to dive under the ice field, travelling through the history of Saint-Nazaire at the Écomusée, or visiting the only French visitor centre dedicated to offshore wind energy?