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Unmissable sights in Saint-Nazaire and the Brière

Visiting Saint-Nazaire means a journey to the unexpected, exploring a territory with a thousand facets complementing each other: urban and seaside, huge and intimate, historic and innovative, industrial and natural… Take a look at our top highlights below, and see what catches your eye.

All the must-see sights in and around the town

At a glance, here are the highlights of Saint-Nazaire and its surrounding area for you to discover at your own pace, and in your own time.

Saint-Nazaire Attractions

Saint-Nazaire offers unique experiences which make every visit memorable. How about discovering the great adventure of ocean liners at Escal’Atlantic, coming aboard Espadon, the first French submarine to dive under the ice field, travelling through the history of Saint-Nazaire at the Écomusée, or visiting the only French visitor centre dedicated to offshore wind energy?

Industrial tours

This is a must in Saint-Nazaire: visiting the three big businesses that are jewels in the crown of French industry, so you can learn about their exceptional know-how, which is the pride of our region. Dive into the heart of shipbuilding in the Atlantique Shipyards, witness planes being put together in the vast Airbus workshops, or head to the Grand Port Maritime – the top maritime port on the French Atlantic coast. 

Discover the many facets of Saint-Nazaire and its surrounding area

The tourist destination of Saint-Nazaire and the Brière offers a selection box of delights, including the city, the sea, the port, heritage and nature. 

Plan your trip to Saint-Nazaire and the Brière

Here you will find all the information you need to plan your trip and make the most of your visit to Saint-Nazaire and the Brière Regional Natural Park.