©Arnaud Dréan

Discover The City

Visiting Saint-Nazaire means a journey to the unexpected, exploring a territory with a thousand facets complementing each other: urban and seaside, huge and intimate, historic and innovative, industrial and natural… Our ‘Little Breton California’, where the River Loire meets the Atlantic Ocean, is a trendy destination! Could it have something to do with its 20 beaches, open-minded attitude, varied harbours and renovated city centre? Come with us for a stroll through the city!

Saint-Nazaire A stunning city

Aperit et nemo claudit. An open door that no-one shall close. As a true harbour town, Saint-Nazaire is open to the whole world and to all people, showcasing its best features through its cultural and tourist activities, its shops, and indeed its industrial, architectural and natural heritage. With a population of over 70,000 Saint-Nazaire opens its doors to welcome you, too.