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Pass’Port 4 sites

The “Pass’Port 4 sites” includes entry to Escal’Atlantic, Submarine Espadon, EOL Centre éolien and Écomusée at great rates!

  • Full: €25 (instead of €35)
  • Children aged 4-17: €12.50 (instead of €17.50)

Your Pass’Port ticket is valid till January 2021. Please note you will be asked to select your visit date and time to the Submarine Espadon.

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Pass Ecluse

The “Pass Ecluse” includes entry to Submarine Espadon + EOL Centre éolien, both located inside the fortified lock.

  • Full: €13 (instead of €16)
  • Children aged 4-17: €6.50 (instead of €8)

Your Pass Ecluse ticket is valid till September 2020.

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Forfait Escal’

Get Escal’Atlantic entry + 1 industrial tour:  Shipyard OR Airbus OR Harbour Terminals

  • Full: €25
  • Children aged 4-17: €12.50

Your Forfait Escal’ is valid till January 2021, during the opening hours of Escal’Atlantic and according to our tour schedule.

Pass Patrimoine

Get Écomusée entry + 1 guided city tour OR 1 guided tour of Tumulus de Dissignac!

  • Full: €10
  • Children aged 4-17: €5
  • Reduced: €8

Your Pass Patrimoine is valid till January janvier 2021, during the opening hours of the Ecomusée and according to our tour schedule.

Gift vouchers

Surprise your dear ones with a gift voucher from ‘Stunning Saint-Nazaire’!
Choose the value of your gift voucher and the recipient can redeem it for any attraction or any purchase from our shops.
Using a voucher is easy: just present it at the time of payment.

Please note that each voucher can only be used once before it expires on January 3, 2021. Vouchers cannot be refunded.

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