Visite base sous-marineVisite base sous-marine

Deals and tips for your next trip to Saint-Nazaire

The more you see, the more you save! Make the most of your visit to Saint-Nazaire with our combination tickets and packages.
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Saint-Nazaire top attractions for less

# PASS 4 sites

The ‘PASS 4 sites’ includes entry to Escal’Atlantic, Espadon submarine, EOL Centre éolien and Écomusée at great rates!

  • Full: €29 (instead of €40)
  • Children aged 4-17: €14.50 (instead of €20)

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# PASS Embarquement

Get Escal’Atlantic entry + 1 industrial tour:  Shipyard OR Airbus OR Harbour Terminals

  • Full: €30 (instead of €36)
  • Children aged 4-17: €14.50 (instead of €20)

PASS Embarquement ShipyardPASS Embarquement AirbusPASS Embarquement Harbour Terminals

# PASS Transat’

Get Escal’Atlantic entry + Écomusée at great rates!

  • Full: €16 (instead of €21)
  • Children aged 4-17: €8 (instead of €10.50)

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# PASS Ecluse

The ‘PASS Ecluse’ includes entry to the Espadon submarine + EOL Centre éolien, both located inside the fortified lock.

  • Full: €16 (instead of €19)
  • Children aged 4-17: €8 (instead of €9.50)

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# PASS Patrimoine

Get Écomusée entry + 1 Submarine base guided tour OR 1 90-minute city tour of Saint-Nazaire OR Dissignac Tumulus

  • Full: €10 (instead of €13)
  • Children aged 4-17: €5 (instead of €6.50)

PASS Patrimoine Submarine basePASS Patrimoine 90-minute city tourPASS Patrimoine Tumulus

# Gift vouchers

Surprise your dear ones with a gift voucher from ‘Stunning Saint-Nazaire’!
Choose the value of your gift voucher and the recipient can redeem it for any attraction or any purchase from our shops.
Using a voucher is easy: just present it at the time of payment.

Please note that each voucher can only be used once. Vouchers expire 18 months after purchase and cannot be refunded.

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