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Discover The Port

The port, the very reason for Saint-Nazaire’s existence, recalls the town’s exceptional history. Nothing, though, remains of the pre-war structures built for transatlantic liner travel, when Saint-Nazaire was the main French harbour serving Cuba, Mexico, Panama and more. Between 1940 and 1942, the port was shockingly transformed by the construction of a German submarine base, where the cruise liner terminal previously stood. Now, around the docks, visitors can make the most of several unique, powerful tourist and cultural sights.

The port A history of transatlantic exchanges

Acting as a gateway between the sea and the Loire estuary, the port traces the history of the town and is bursting with memories. A walk in the port here is like a step back in time yet it also binds you to the present thanks to the tourist spots, bars and restaurants that will tempt you to linger a while longer.

Attractions and tours Around the harbour

Around its harbour, Saint-Nazaire offers unique experiences which make every visit memorable. How about discovering the great adventure of ocean liners at Escal’Atlantic, coming aboard Espadon, the first French submarine to dive under the ice field, travelling through the history of Saint-Nazaire at the Écomusée, or visiting the only French visitor centre dedicated to offshore wind energy?