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Things To Do in and around Saint-Nazaire

Strolls and hikes, flat-bottomed boat rides, water activities, museums, attractions… Whether on a day trip or an extended stay, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Saint-Nazaire and the Brière Regional Natural Park!

Are you looking to discover Saint-Nazaire?

Right on the ocean, Saint-Nazaire is an on-trend destination offering a wide range of activities, from town-centre shopping to an historic port, lesser-known neighbourhoods, markets and art installations. Come with us for a stroll through the city!

Are you looking for nature and fresh air?

Saint-Nazaire and its surroundings offer countless natural attractions, big and small. Within Saint-Nazaire itself, there are several parks and gardens, a stunning unspoilt coastline, and the GR®34 coastal path. Just a few miles outside of the city centre lies the Brière, France’s second largest marshland. The land, the water, the endless horizon, the rustling of reeds, gliding herons: the Brière Regional Natural Park is exceptional. By foot, by bike, even on a flat-bottomed boat, you’ll find plenty of places to get a good dose of fresh air!

Are you looking for places to visit?

The possibilities are numerous and surprising. Depending on what you fancy, you can discover the fascinating history of the transatlantic liners, go right to the heart of world-famous industrial companies, explore the first French submarine to dive under the ice field beyond the Arctic Circle, visit the first French visitor centre dedicated to offshore wind energy, get some fresh air in the peaceful Brière marshland, and much more!