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Walks and strolls Wonderful routes with breathtaking views

Saint-Nazaire is a city with a thousand facets. A town by the sea of course, a green town with a vast countryside (which is part of the Brière Regional Natural Park), but also a port town with the submarine base, the 19th-century facades, the seaside promenade, the Customs Officers’ Path…

Explore Saint-Nazaire at a leisurely pace and immerse yourself in its contrasting atmospheres.


Walking and hiking at your own pace

Feel the need to unplug and unwind? You’ve come to the right place, as Saint-Nazaire can offer a whole range of walks and trails to help restore your energy, whilst giving you a visual feast. Lace up your boots or your trainers, and off we go!

Walks by the sea

In Saint-Nazaire, the famous GR® 34 coastal path (also known as the Customs Officers’ Trail) offers incredible views across the coast, as well as an unexpected walk between Saint-Nazaire and Pornichet. This coastal path truly is like a seaview balcony, tracing the coast of Brittany for more than 2,000km, and finishing right here in Saint-Nazaire.

Walks in the heart of nature

Your feet firmly on the ground, your head in the clouds and your heart in the countryside! Walking isn’t always an activity that wears out the soles of your shoes, it can be restorative, boosting your fitness, opening your eyes to the surrounding landscapes, and calming you down. So plot a course on the walking trails in the countryside, in Saint-Nazaire and in the Brière.

Take a look at our trails and circuits, and get walking!

Walks around town

A walk in the town is the chance to discover all the treasures it has to offer, from a sculpture to a monument or a giant mural. In Saint-Nazaire, a walk around the town opens up your eyes to its history and its art.

Greeter walks A walk and a friendly encounter

How about setting out on a special walk with a local? Greeters are volunteers who act as ambassadors for their area. They know their town well, are passionate about it and know how to welcome others. Your Greeter guide will take great pleasure in telling you stories and anecdotes and sharing favourite features and addresses! So, are you ready to be surprised? Meet a Greeter and go on a lively discovery walk through Saint-Nazaire and the Brière Marshes.

Maps and more

We recommend that you download the maps below, or you can pick them up for free at the Tourist Office.

Advice from the Tourist Office:

  • wear comfortable clothing and footwear (so you get off to a good start!)
  • wear suitable headwear (depending on the season)
  • stay hydrated (preferably with water!)
  • take binoculars for watching birds and other wildlife
  • take a picnic with you to enjoy at one of our many picnic spots (and remember to dispose of the rubbish afterwards)

Feel free to contact the team at the Tourist Office before you head out, so you can check the accessibility of the route and pick up any particular maps or info.