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Sports and Leisure Let’s get moving in Saint-Nazaire! Take a look at our suggestions

Getting your heart rate elevated a little or a lot in Saint-Nazaire is never an issue: a huge selection of sporting activities and facilities awaits you all year round! Whether you’re cycling, walking or even out on the water, Saint-Nazaire and the Brière offer a broad spectrum of sports and leisure activities for beginners and experts alike. Grab your kit, do your stretches and let yourself be tempted by whatever activity takes your fancy!

Walk ideas and Hiking Trails in Saint-Nazaire and the Brière

Walking: the must when it comes to sports!

No doubt about it, walking is the most accessible and least expensive physical activity, enjoyed by everyone who walks through our landscapes in the holidays and indeed off-season. You can find yourself staying fit without even realising it.

Stunning Saint-Nazaire is an ideal destination for those who enjoy discovering something new and who appreciate surprising and varied landscapes. There’s something for all tastes, from strolling through the Brière Natural Park to following thecoastal path or simply strolling through the town.

Take a look at our suggestions and the most beautiful walking trails in and around Saint-Nazaire.

Take a look at our Cycle Routes between the River Loire, the seaside and the wetlands

On your bike to explore Saint-Nazaire and the Brière

Fancy getting out on two wheels? From seafront cycling to the River Route ‘La Loire à Vélo’ and the various trails in the Brière, you’re sure to find an option to suit you.

With a mountain bike, electric bike, or a town-and-country bike, you can find exactly the right trail for you among our detailed circuits and routes.

Sailing and watersports in Saint-Nazaire and the Brière

In Saint-Nazaire, you can try out various watersports and make the most of our 20 beaches and 15km coastline. Many of our coastal spots, such as Monsieur Hulot beach and La Courance are ideally positioned to be protected from the western winds whilst also offering great waves for surfing or bodyboarding in safety.

Where can I go jogging in Saint-Nazaire?

Spotlight on some stunning sports facilities

The skatepark and watersports centre:

Sports fans and boardsports fans will be in their element! A new skatepark was set up recently in Saint-Nazaire, complete with a full-pipe, a fantastic sea view and equipment for riders of all ages, giving the town a rather enviable Californian feel!

One of the joys of a seaside town is the opportunity to try various watersports. Every summer, the watersports centre based near the skateparkoffers locals and tourists alike the chance to discover various types of boardsports, including trial sessions for beginners and equipment hire for those who have more experience or just want to get out on the water.

Where to look to Get Moving in Saint-Nazaire and the Brière

Looking for a little inspiration to help find the sports activity that’s right for you?
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