GR®34 The Customs Officers' Path in Saint-Nazaire

The famous GR®34, also called the “Customs Officers’ Path”, is Brittany’s longest waterfront pedestrian path, stretching for over 1,240 miles from Mont-Saint-Michel to the Saint-Nazaire Bridge. Strolling or hiking? Whatever your level, you will love it!

The Customs Officers' Path GR®34

Lace up your hiking shoes and stride along the GR®34!

Do not expect to meet any customs officers scanning the horizon and watching out for smugglers.

The former customs officers’ path which runs all along France’s coasts, is now a public footpath, open to everybody.

The sections of Saint-Nazaire offer breathtaking views and an unexpected walk between Saint-Nazaire and Pornichet. Along your way, you will see many fishing huts, these typical wooden cabins on stilts that dot the French Atlantic coast. This “balcony above the sea” is a pure delight, with its scents of resin and broom, its huge pine trees and evergreen oaks adding a very Mediterranean touch to the scenery.

In sunshine, the sea sparkles below, promising many coves and beaches, including the renowned Plage de Monsieur Hulot. On inclement days, enjoy a spectacular view of the storm-tossed sea. Walking the GR®34 means being mesmerized by the Breton coastline, in any season and at any time of the day.

Allow about 3 hours to walk from Place du Commando to the beach Plage de Sainte-Marguerite in Pornichet (14km). Alternatively, you can stop off at the beach Plage de Monsieur Hulot, it’s about a 1½-hour walk, plus a 15-minute bus ride to downtown Saint-Nazaire.

The path does not present any difficulties, but there are quite a few “ups and downs” and stairs which can be rather steep.

Last stage of the GR®34 From Arzal dam to Saint-Nazaire Bridge

This is the last – or first – step in the magnificent GR®34 coastal path that stretches 145km and can be covered in five days. It offers diverse landscapes, coasts and colours to enjoy alone or with others.

More ideas for exploring the coastal path

As not all of us are seasoned hikers, you’ll be happy to know that you can do shorter circuits, too. Equally spectacular, these routes and trails give you the chance to enjoy a gentler walk, whilst still covering part of the famous GR®34.