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Tintin in Saint‑Nazaire

Along with Brussels, Saint-Nazaire is one of the very few real towns that can boast of having received a visit from Tintin. In The Seven Crystal Balls, Tintin accompanied by Captain Haddock and his dog Snowy comes to Saint-Nazaire in search of their friend Professor Calculus who has been abducted.



in Saint-Nazaire

On to Saint-Nazaire, billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!

In the story of The Seven Crystal Balls, Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock came to Saint-Nazaire when it was still a transatlantic harbour. They looked for their friend Professor Calculus who had been kidnapped by villains.

Since 1986, a local association called “Les Sept Soleils” (The Seven Suns) has celebrated Tintin’s visit to Saint-Nazaire. You can quite literally follow in Tintin’s footsteps because six giant reproductions taken from The Seven Crystal Balls have been put up at different places in town and around the harbour. Download the Tintin’s leaflet.

The visuals also bring the history of Saint-Nazaire to life, when the city was a point of departure for cruises to Central America.