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Cultural Life

in Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire’s cultural events cover the whole range from rich and diverse programmes of theatre and cinema to live gigs and contemporary art exhibitions.


Cultural venues

in Saint-Nazaire

Cultural life in Saint-Nazaire is very dynamic, all year long! The Theatre has drama, dance, music, from classical to contemporary repertoire on offer, whereas the concert venue VIP, inside the submarine base, organises concerts from rock to rap. Contemporary art exhibitions, often with internationally renowned artists, are mostly held in two venues, Le LIFE and Le Grand Café.

Festival “Les Escales” sets the harbour rocking

Les Escales is an urban festival that takes place in the centre of Saint-Nazaire, on the Île du Petit Maroc and at the port. It occurs at the height of summer, beside the Atlantic, offering an eclectic programme focused mainly on contemporary music, including pop, rock, soul, world music and electronic music, featuring major headliners as well as new and upcoming musicians. Save the date: the event is held the last weekend in July each year, in Saint-Nazaire.

Remember to book your tickets. Have fun!


in Saint-Nazaire

Other events in the summer include “La Grande Marée”, or “High Tide”, in early June, which a huge picnic on the beach, open air shows etc, and Farniente Festival in July, a music festival on the beach. Watch out for free concerts –from folk to jazz– in cafés and bars all over town…


Not forgetting…:

  • Saint-Nazaire Côté Plages in July and August
  • Farniente Festival on the beach Plage de Monsieur Hulot, in July
  • Fête des Chalands Fleuris in Saint-André des Eaux, in August


Come and party with us!